Upcoming Litters

Pups will be pet or AKC limited or AKC full registration depending upon quality.

Each pairing will be listed with 1st due date, coat, pattern, and color possibilities.


Ivory & Obi

Sept 21, 2022

long hair. AKC

Creams & black & creams
Ivory is 7.5 lbs. Obi is 8.5 lbs

Gypsy & Asher

October 23, 2022

AKC long hairs

Piebalds,  and piebald dapples in chocolate, dilutes possible


Lady Jaye & Quin

October 26, 2022

smooths and long hairs, AKC

Lady Jaye's 1st litter, so we can get quite an array!

Duchess & Will

October 23, 2022

AKC long hairs

Creams, cream dapples, piebalds possible


Calypso & Obi

Oct 23, 2022

AKC long hairs

first litter together so we can get a rainbow of colors & possibly piebalds!