Upcoming Litters

Pups will be pet or AKC limited or AKC full registration depending upon quality.

Each pairing will be listed with 1st due date, coat, pattern, and color possibilities.

Missy  Cash.png

Missy & Cash 

Due May 28, 2022

long hairs

We expect cream, black & cream, and possibly piebalds.

Mitzi & Asher

Due @ June 16 2022

AKC long hairs

Mitzi is a gorgeous black & tan dapple. This is her final litter.
Asher is an isabella piebald long hair male. This will be his 1st litter

Mitzi Asher June 16 2022.png
Tasha Asher June 16 2022Photo Collage Maker_2022_05_01_10_40_50.png

Tasha & Asher due June 16 2022

AKC long hairs

Tasha is a gorgeous red dapple. Asher is an isabella piebald.
We are not sure this litter is coming. However, Asher is a sneaky boy so, we are going to be ready just in case.

Peri & BoBo due @ July15, 2022

long hair. AKC

Peri's final litter 
Dapples in a rainbow of colors!

peri boboPhoto Collage Maker_2022_05_27_11_55_39.png
JoJo Quin.png

JoJo & Quin due 7/21/22

AKC smooths

Quin's first litter. This should be a beautiful group!