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Welcome to Doxie Woods

Dachshunds, Training, Rescue

I've now been raising/rescuing Dachshunds for 20+ years. My current babies are AKC registered. Some are trained Emotional Support, Service or Therapy Dogs (PTSD, Autism, Emotional Disorders).

Annual  care for your new pet is going to  average $500-1000, even  if your baby is 100% healthy. Be certain  you can handle that before bringing  him/her home.

Why are pure-bred dogs expensive ?

A breed quality dog costs between  $1500-2500 EACH. Then each dog needs a year or more basic care & training before even being  old enough to breed; $500-750 average . DNA testing averages $130 & pre-breed vet exams/tests can be $150-500. The care and supplies during pregnancy  & whelp run $200-1500. 8 weeks care of puppies is estimated $200-500. then we add registration fees of $40-75 per litter. And then we Advertise- $500+ a year

That's  around $3000 minimum  investment  for just one litter (3-8 pups) if nothing goes wrong. Good breeders are not making  a profit.

So, yes, pups are going to be on average $1500-2800 each PLUS what you have to spend on vet care, food/grooming. 

Suezanne Woods


Sue Woods, Owner

5414 19th St. E, Tuscaloosa, AL 35404

(601) 595-0347

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