Our Ladies & Gentlemen

We're proud of our lovely ladies and handsome gentlemen.
We hope you enjoy them too!


Mitzi Mitsubishi-retiring in 2022

black and tan dappled longhair

Mitzi is PRA clear by Optimal Selection with full DNA health & trait panel. She weighs 9.5 lbs.  
Mitzi will retire in 2022
She is in trained for Therapy dog.


Sweet Cinna-Bon- retiring 2022

shaded red longhair

This is a cuddly shaded red showing for piebald. She's a gorgeous 11 lb mama who loves all puppies, whether hers or fosters.
PRA carrier (GenSolDx) so all pups will be tested prior to placement.


White Lily

updated pic coming soon!

chocolate based cream piebald (extreme white) long hair

out of our retired girl Frost by our retired stud Phantom, we are THRILLED to have Lily back home!

Peaches first pic.jpg

Peaches in Ice Cream

AKC Red dappled piebald longhair

Peaches is a lovely bigger girl at 18 lbs. She is PRA clear via GenSolDx and has full health & trait panel via Optimal Selection


Sing Missy To Me

AKC black & cream longhair

Missy is our "talker". She is a loving bundle of fluff at 9.5 lbs.  She is PRA clear via GenSolDx. She is littermate of Phantom and Peaches


Dancer in Shadows

Shaded English Cream

This beautiful lady is our sweet love. 2021 will be a fantastic year for us! She is projected to be 16-18 lbs as adult.
PRA Carrier so all pups will be tested prior to placement.


Holland: Holly

Black & tan longhair, AKC

This sweet gorgeous girl is training for Therapy dog and evaluating for Service Training.  Full health & trait DNA panel done by Optimal Selection.


Calypso Girl

Black & tan long hair

Such a sweet girl.


Ivory Scrimshaw Treasure

ee cream long hair

this little sweetie will be a joy with our crew


Milady Duchess of DoxieWoods

cream dapple long hair

Duchess is piebald as well, but mismarked. She will be Therapy Dog trained. Full DNA health & trait panel done by Optimal Selection


GypsyTramps in Weeds 

chocolate & tan reverse dapple piebald long hair

She is PRA clear with full health & trait panel DNA panel (Optimal Selection). 
She is currently in training as Therapy dog while being evaluated for Service dog potential.



AKC black & tan

we're thrilled to add this sweet girl to our family. She is 9.5 lbs and is PRA clear (GenSolDx).


Chloe's Love Story

AKC chocolate & tan smooth

Little 8 lbs bundle of love Chloe is quite a beauty. She carries dilute. She is PRA clear (GenSolDx).


Golden Storms at DoxieWoods

shaded cream piebald long hair

PRA clear by parentage. 
This sweet girl is training for Therapy Dog


(BoBo) Beau-Hemian Rhapsody

shaded red long hair 

Handsome 11 lb boy with sweet nature, BoBo is PRA clear. Full Health & trait panel DNA done by Optimal Selection


future mama

Eden Dawns

Isabella dapple piebald smooth

Coming to us from Miami, this darling is a treasure


future mama
Naori Bunny

Black & tan long hair

Sweet girl we're excited to have as a future mama!


future mama

Krewella D'Angel

fawn & tan smooth

we are thrilled to add this sweet girl to our smooth coat lines!


future mama

Black & tan piebald smooth

she's flat adorable with all that heavy roaning!


future mama


ee cream piebald long hair

Out of Angel by BamBam, this girl is flat gorgeous!


future mama
Indigo Dreams

blue & tan long hair female

born 12/20/22

From A&A Southern Kennels

Whisper from Chadwick Farms.jpg

future mama Whisper

from Chadwick Farms

coat TBD, ee cream

awesome hopes for future


future stud


shaded red smooth

Full Health & trait panel DNA done by Optimal Selection


future stud


Isabella piebald long hair

Full Health & trait panel DNA done by Optimal Selection


future stud

Obisidian Star

black & cream long hair male

Grandson of our now retired stellar dogs, Frost & Indie, we're thrilled to bring Obi back into our lines.