SALE!!!! Pet Only

We will have males & females, mostly 6 month-2 years old. These dogs are current on vaccinations, vet checked, & available for adoption. Some of our retired Sires and Dams will be available from time to time as well. We will also have rehabbed rescues from time to time.

Most of these dogs are NOT Rescues but are fostering, for various reasons, here until homes are found.

For PET ONLY placements (mandatory spay/neuter) the adoption fees are discounted . 
We do have dogs available with full AKC registration at our regular fees.



Black & tan piebald long hair female

DOB: 10/1/21

Alpha personality

9 lbs

$1000 pet only

Alpha personality


Spayed.  Alpha personality. Will not be bullied and will need supervision until pack order is set if multiple females in home. Crate trained and housebroken to pads/pellet trays.



shaded red piebald long hair female

has overbite

slow to trust, needs patience & no children in home

pet only $1000


GinGin requires a gentle patient hand and quieter environment.We are looking for a lapdog in house home. She enjoys yard time for exercise but thrives inside. Her first home as pup taught her to mistrust people, sadly, so she is very slow to trust and defensive.  Crate trained and housebroken to pads & pellet trays


Trouble Job

chocolate & tan piebald long hair male

pet only $600
13 lbs

Joby is in Therapy dog training. He is slow to accept new people, so it will be a process. Crate trained and housebroken to pads & pellet trays. Is still learning leash and other commands.


Eden-pending for Angela

Isabella double dapple piebald smooth female

Pet $1500

10.5 lbs


Eden is a deaf double dapple we got from South FL. She is spayed. She is a complete energy bomb, must have a fenced yard and indoor time to keep her weight maintained. She is crate trained and super friendly.

Mitzi in bed.jpg

Mitzi- pending for Vicki

black & tan dapple long hair female

10 lbs

retired AKC female


Mitzi is a sweet loving girl recently retired after her 3rd litter. She's flat gorgeous, and has had some Therapy dog training. We will keep working with her to complete this training while we find her furever home!

Powder 1.jpg

Powder-- arriving here in 10/2022

cream piebald long hair female

pet only $600

Powder is a retired mama from TN. She is a gentle soul that loves pups. She does get stress/exertional seizures, but does not need medication as in a calm indoor environment her seizures do not occur. 

Her ideal permanent home will be indoor, no small children, no cats or large dogs. She can have outdoor exercise so long as it is short term & not high activity. 


Ivory- Reserved for Tricia T 
spay pending 11/2022
ee cream long hair

will retire 01/2023. 

weighs 7.5 lbs

2 years old

Ivory is a wonderful lapdog. she will thrive in a "princess" home. Due to her tiny size she gets bullied, and has learned to "snipe" at bigger dogs. for her own protection we choose to find her a pet home.


Gypsy- reserved for Kelley T 

spay pending 01/2023

chocolate & tan dapple piebald long hair

9.5 lbs

2 years old

Gypsy is a sweet and active loving girl. She does equally well as a lapdog or as part of a larger pack.
She is Therapy dog trained.


Peri- pending for Asha

spay pending 10/12/22

black & tan dapple long hair female

11 lbs


placement pending


AKC Registered
Older pups & Adults

We can't keep them all! 


They are fostering here until homes are found. Fees are set by original breeders.


pet $1000 AKC $1350
Black & tan brindle STANDARD long hair male
DOB: 07/20/20

Alpha of pack. Loves water. 

17 lbs

Alpha boy. Will fence fight other dominant males. Introduce to pack gradually. Accepts Alpha females without issue. Crate trained and housebroken to pads & pellet trays.
PRA carrier, via GenSolDx.




shaded cream dapple long hair male

DOB 11/25/21

gentle and shy boy. 

Dapple confirmed by gensoldx

Full AKC only

10.5 lbs

Shy boy. Loves to cuddle but takes a bit to establish trust. Loves to play "tag" with his human. Crate trained and housebroken to pads & pellet trays