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Our Placement Contract

This is our basic contract. We add details for each puppy & family. 

Deposits are non-refundable unless negotiated otherwise (i.e. pending DNA results)

Doxie Woods

5414 19th St. E, Tuscaloosa, AL 35404

Purchase Contract

Date: ________________________________ Seller: G. Suezanne Woods 

Buyer: _______________________________ Registration status: Full ____ Limited ____ None _____

Description: ______________________________________________________________ miniature dachshund

out of _______________________________________________ by ____________________________________

Date of Birth: ____________ Price: ________________USD__ Conditions: Pick of litter___ spay/neuter ____

Shipping: Flat fee $75 USD per 150 miles. Holding fee non-refundable) $500 USD

Payment forms accepted: CASH (USD), Venmo@, Zelle @, Cash app @ $GeorgiaSuezanneWoods ,  USPS money orders

The Seller agrees to provide the Buyer with the above described dachshund(s) at the above stated price & shipping fees. Payment in full is expected before delivery or pick-up of dachshund(s). The holding fee is non-refundable except in the event of dachshund's death or gross congenital defect. ALL dachshunds are sold as “pet” quality regardless of registration status and should be evaluated thoroughly by Buyer.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This contract is valid for the original buyer ONLY for the above described dachshunds from the Seller. If dachshunds are transferred to another owner, this contract will be NULL & VOID.

  2. Buyer must return Seller a signed copy of this contract upon acquisition of dachshunds or prior to delivery.

  3. Spaying/neutering are recommended regardless of registration status of this dachshund to help reduce temperament problems, unwanted litters, life-threatening cancers, and housebreaking issues.

  4. Seller has made every effort to provide Buyer with a healthy dachshund, and guarantees that all vaccinations and de-wormings are current at time of sale. A vaccination record will be provided. Seller will not be responsible for Parvo or Distemper viruses after 48 hours of sale. Seller requests Buyer not to take dachshunds to public areas or or around other dogs until vaccination schedule is completed.

  5. It is BUYER's responsibility to have the dachshund(s) examined by a licensed veterinarian with-in three (3) days of assuming possession. If dachshund(s) is/are found to have a LIFE-THREATENING Congenital defect or health problem (not to include worms, coccidia, conjunctivitis, giardia, or other treatable normal parasites), a replacement pup of equal value will be given by Seller to Buyer as available within ONE (1) calendar year. Buyer must notify Seller immediately upon discovery of the defect/health problem and return dachshund to Seller with original contract/paperwork and signed documentation from Buyer's veterinarian regarding the defect/prognosis. Seller will consult with own veterinarian, and is NOT responsible for any or all illnesses not diagnosed in that 3 day period unless determined to be genetic/congenital. IF Buyer chooses to not return the dachshund, Seller may offer another dachshund when available.

  6. Seller further guarantees the dachshund(s) against LIFE-THREATENING Congenital defects diagnosed within one year of Date of Purchase. Color dilution alopecia (CDA), over/under-bite, and knuckling over are not considered life-threatening and are not covered by genetic guarantee. In the unlikely event of the dachshunds' death during this time period, Buyer is responsible for necropsy of dachshund and must provide a signed statement from veterinarian regarding cause of death. Seller agrees to provide replacement of same breed within ONE (1) calendar year.

Replacement dachshund exception: Seller only agrees to replace dachshund ONE TIME PER PURCHASED DACHSHUND BASIS.

  1. Under no circumstances will the Seller be responsible for Veterinary or medical bills incurred at any time by Buyer.

  2. Seller will never refund purchase price or any percentage of it except in the event of dachshund's death or gross congenital defect prior to delivery/pick-up. Violations of the terms of this contract by the Buyer renders all guarantees null and void, and may result in Buyer being required to return the dachshund(s) to the Seller at the Buyer's expense. Seller makes no guarantees, express or implied, under this contract except as stated above.

  3. Buyer agrees that if Buyer shall violate this agreement, the responsibility of any and all legal costs and expenses (including attorney's fees) incurred by the Seller for enforcing the contract, shall the be the responsibility of the Buyer. Buyer's acceptance of the dachshund(s) agrees that this transaction was consummated within the State of Alabama and consents to the application of all Alabama laws and to the jurisdiction of Alabama courts, should a dispute arise out of this transaction and that exclusive venue shall be Tuscaloosa County Alabama . Buyer further agrees that acceptance constitutes an agreement to pay the listed price and comply with the stated and agreed terms.

By accepting dachshund(s) above described, Buyer agrees that all information contained here-in is proprietary, and that any use of this information that harms or could harm Doxie Woods or its agents is prohibited.

Seller: ______________________________________ Buyer:__________________________________________


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