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Available puppies

Fill out our Adoption Application to start the process of bringing one of our babies into your home!

Our pups are all out of AKC registered parents.  We offer all pups as pet for $1000.  Full AKC registration may be offered at our discretion for an additional fee ($500-1000). 

We do DNA & trait panels on our adult dogs, We have our veterinarians examine all pups, and we send home a new puppy kit with each pup or dog.

We work hard to keep our dogs well socialized. As time & space allow, we train as many as possible to be Therapy dogs. We feed TLC Whole Life dog food to our adults, and our pups get TLC puppy food for the first year of life. 

Dogs over 6 months of age are on the Older pups & Adults page.

Ready to Go

These pups are ready to go. Each is listed with parentage, DOB, color, & coat.

Mocha & Obi DOB 12/10/22

Ready to Go:  February 4, 2023

These pups are long hair. 

Mocha is chocolate & tan long hair carrying dilute & piebald. 

Obi is black & cream longhair carrying chocolate & piebald

Fiona & Asher DOB: 12/15/22

Ready to Go: February 9, 2023

Long hair piebald litter out of full DNA panel tested parents. Fiona is ee cream piebald. Asher is EE Isabella piebald.

Storm & Obi  DOB 12/17/22

Ready to Go 2/11/23


Storm is a shaded cream piebald. Obi is black & cream.

Pup is PRA clear by parentage.

Bitsy & Quin DOB: 12/17/22

Ready to Go: 12/11/2022

Smooth coats!

Bitsy is an Isabella smooth, and will retire once these pups are weaned.

Quin is a shaded red smooth, full DNA panel tested.

Both carry for long hair.

Missy & Will  DOB: 12/25/2022

Ready to go: February 19, 2023


Missy is E/e black & cream. Will is EE cream. Both are full panel DNA tested.


We will post updates regularly.  These will be our final litters until September or October

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