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Here we show all of our pups. Our parents are all AKC registered, and DNA health & trait tested. Pups are ALL AKC eligible but we carefully evaluate them before offering full AKC rights. 

Pet only, all pups are $1000. Full AKC registration is an additional fee IF we approve the pup's quality. 

Each litter will be listed with Date of Birth, Ready to go date, and color/pattern description. Wait lists will be noted as well. We allow up to 4 people on each litter's wait list.

Infant Puppies
Born but not ready for reserve

Our pups are NOT available to be reserved (holding fee) until at least 6 weeks of age. 

Our pups will NOT leave until at least 9 weeks of age.

If you see a pup in which you are interested, contact us for a waiting list on that litter. We do not charge for our waiting list.

Each litter will have Date of Birth, parentage, Available for reserve date, and Ready to go date. 

All pups are available as pets. ALL pups are AKC eligible, but WE decide if pups will be proper quality for full AKC registration.

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