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Puppies Puppies Puppies!

Dachshunds over 6 months of age can be found on "Older Puppies" page

Here we show out wonderful pups who are all AKC eligible. Some will be placed pet only. We will list date of birth, ready date if applicable, , parents, color & pattern, and any important details that make the baby stand out. 

All pups are $1000 as pet only.  Full AKC is available for additional fee IF we feel the quality of the dog is good enough. Some are pet only, as noted. Some are full AKC only and are so noted.

Infant litters, Born but not ready

Babies will be shown here until 8 weeks of age. 

We will evaluate them as they grow and update information as they progress.

At 9 weeks of age (unless otherwise noted)  we will make them available for reserve/adoption. 

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